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Quality manuals

Each facility affected by clinical audits mus have its own quality manual. Below are the recommendations issued by the different expert commissions. Please select this page in another language to access the documents.

Cardiology (2020, in german, french, italian)
Nuclear medicine (2019, in german, french, italian)
Radiology (2018, in german, french, italian)
Radiotherapy (2018, in english)

Information sheet and FAQs

Short presentation of the project (2020, in german, french, italian)
Detailed FAQs aimed at healthcare facilities (in german, french, italian)

Articles of the FOPH Bulletin

Clinical audits in radiation protection: benefits for quality of care and safety of staff (2022)
All set for clinical audits in radiation protection (2019, in german, french, italian)
Usefulness of clinical audits confirmed (2017, in german, french)
Optimal use of ionising radiation thanks to clinical audits (2015, in german, french)
Clinical audits in radiology: an optimal tool in the interest of the patient (2012, in german, french)
Improvement of radiological practices through the introduction of future clinical audits (2011, in german, french)

Organisation of the clinical audits

Stakeholder collaboration agreement (in german, french, italian)
Organisational regulations (in german, french, italian)

International information

National Survey on Justification of CT-examinations in Sweden Almén A, Leitz W, Richter S; National Survey on Justification of CT-Examinations in Sweden. Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, 2009:03.

Unjustified CT examinations in young patients Oikarinen H, Meriläinen S, Pääkkö E, Karttunen A, Nieminen M, Tervonen O; Unjustified CT examinations in young patients; Eur Radiol (2009) 19: 1161-1165

Audit de la conformité aux bonnes pratiques Audit de la conformité des prescriptions d’examens d’imagerie médicale: Volet B, Ministère de la santé, Luxembourg, 2017

The ESR Clinical Audit Booklet –  Esperanto ESR Guide to Clincal Audit in Radiology, ESR 2022

Various links

Medical diagnostic exposure in Switzerland
DRL(Diagnostic reference levels)
FOPH Federal Office of Public Heaalth, Radiation Protection Division
RPO Radiological Protection Ordinance
Commission fédérale de radioprotection (CPR)
Euratom 2013/59
Euratom 97/43

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